Call for Submissions - Forum on using historical games


Have you used Reacting to the Past or other historical games in the college classroom?  Early American Studies invites submissions to the journal’s new website for a forum on historical gaming in the classroom. We expect to launch the site, EAS Miscellany, in January 2022.

The forum, to be moderated by Michael LaCombe of Adelphi University, will feature multiple perspectives of literary scholars, historians, and others teaching the early American past through games.

We are looking for individuals who have used early American games, particularly Reacting to the Past, in their classrooms and who:

  • Can discuss the benefits or challenges of using games to teach early American studies;
  • Can provide insight on the pedagogy of games;
  • Can address how the games influence classroom dynamics and student learning outcomes; or
  • Can discuss how the games fit into general education or first-year experience programs.

Please send submissions (no longer than 800 words) to and copy before January 31, 2022. Authors should expect to receive editorial feedback on their submissions. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • As you write, keep in mind that your audience is an educated reader on the web, perhaps even a student, but not necessarily an academic. Write in an informed but casual and jargon-free style. Make an effort to draw the reader into your piece by keeping sentences and paragraphs short. Keep in mind that web-based readers are not captives; you need to persuade them to read your piece. Your opening should include a strong hook.
  • In selecting submissions for inclusion in the Forum, we will prioritize those with images that accompany the text.  If at all possible, please identify three images that might accompany your text and write brief captions to accompany them. In addition, include full citations. 
    • Audio and video files can also be used, when relevant. 
    • We prefer that you use images in the public domain. 
    • Authors are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions and paying any fees associated with publishing any images, audio, or video files that are not in the public domain. 
    • You may also use your own media.
  • Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style for all style and grammar issues. Citations should be formatted as endnotes, or they can be included as hyperlinks. Please do not use both.
  • When you submit your piece, please also include a brief, two- to three-sentence biography with your name, institutional affiliation(s), and research interests; your Twitter handle (if you have one) or another applicable social media contact; and, if you are comfortable, provide your preferred pronouns and a headshot.


Early American Studies is devoted to promoting interdisciplinary perspectives. We welcome contributions from scholar-teachers in any field of early American studies.